Guided Tour of  Tivoli Villas: Hadrian’s Villa and Villa D’Este

Alkaen EUR 125,00 €
  • Kesto: 8 Tunnit (noin)
  • Paikka: Tivoli, Lazio
  • Tuotekoodi: RM0009

Full Day Guided Tour of  Tivoli Villas: Hadrian’s Villa and Villa D’Este

Drive from Rome off trough the roman Countryside along the Via Tiburtina: as we approach the Hilltop Town of Tivoli, the ancient Tibur a 3000 year old city and former enemy of Rome we'll discover the beauty of this land and its gems Hadrians Villa and the Villa d'Este.

Our adventure begins with a captivating two-hour exploration of Hadrian’s Villa, a testament to the boundless creativity of the human mind. Step into a world that mirrors the grandeur and memories of the Emperor, spread across a vast complex that rivals the scale of a bustling city.

Afterward, indulge in a delightful lunch at La Sibilla restaurant, perched atop the cliffs overlooking the dramatic waterfall of Tivoli and the ancient Roman temples. Savour exquisite cuisine served on the terrace, with panoramic views of the Aniene Valley and the legendary Temple of the Sibilla Tiburtina.

In the afternoon, immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Villa D’Este as we embark on a leisurely two-hour stroll through its magnificent gardens. This late Renaissance villa, crafted by the visionary architect Pirro Ligorio for Cardinal D’Este, son of Lucretia Borgia, stands as a testament to his enduring legacy—a breathtaking oasis nestled on the outskirts of Rome, often hailed as the pinnacle of Italian Renaissance parks.

Both villas hold the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage designation, and no visit to Rome is complete without experiencing these authentic marvels. Throughout our tour, enjoy the convenience of hotel pickup and drop-off, accompanied by a private driver and van for the day. Our expert local guide will breathe life into the stories and legacies of the remarkable personalities behind these architectural wonders: Emperor Hadrian and Cardinal D’Este.