Secret Rome: The undergrounds of Baroque Rome Private Walking Tour

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  • Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Roma, Italia
  • Product code: RM0028

Everyone knows the famous Trevi Fountain, less known is the underground passages that stretch beneath the Trevi district; an intricate maze of ancient vestiges dating back to Roman times that await to be rediscovered. 

The underground archaeological areas of Vicus Caprarius - the 'City of Water', consists of the structures of an imperial domus, the castellum aquae of the Virgin Aqueduct and small museum filled with Roman artefacts. Follow the path of the ancient aqueduct of Aqua Virgo and learn how it worked and its history, including finding its remains hidden in the modern city. This includes spotting a secret stretch with a hidden door and the well preserved pat under a flashy shopping mall. 

Continuing the tour too Stadium Domitiani and descend underneath the busy Piazza Navona to discover its secret underside away from the crowds.

On a journey backwards in time, it is possible to live Rome's millennial stratification and observe the archaeological evidence of the great events that characterised the city's history, from the fire of Rome under emperor Nero to the Barbarian invasions, from the sack of Alaricus to the siege of the Goths.