The Colosseum and the Life of the Gladiators - Virtual Guided Tour (Recorded)

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The Colosseum and the Gladiators: A Journey Through Time - Virtual Guided Tour (Recorded)

Embark on a virtual exploration of the Colosseum, the iconic symbol of Roman civilization. More than just an architectural marvel, the Colosseum represents a complex legacy of both engineering prowess and historical intrigue. This tour delves into the depths of the Colosseum's past, unraveling the mysteries beyond its grandeur.

In this journey, we'll also step into the world of the gladiators. Far from the Hollywood portrayal, we will discover the true life of these legendary figures. What did they think? How did they live? What was their social status? This talk offers an enlightening glimpse into the daily life of a gladiator, shedding light on their trials and triumphs.

Join us for a captivating virtual experience where history meets storytelling, revealing the multifaceted narrative of the Colosseum and its gladiators.


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