TUTTO Michelangelo - Virtual Guided Tours - Series (Recorded)

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TUTTO MICHELANGELO - Virtual Guided Tours Series 

Everything you need to know about Michelangelo Buonarroti, all his works, and his life in four unmissable virtual experience

The Early Years: The Birth of a Genius

Born in the mountains of the Casentino region in Tuscany to a Florentine Noble, Michelangelo showed since childhood incredible talent. We will follow his beginnings as a painter first and then as a sculptor, and his training and cultural growth under the patronage of Lorenzo de’ Medici in Renaissance Florence.

From Rome to Florence, the Rise of a Master

As a young artist, Michelangelo was involved in a scam, but this mishap was actually the beginning of his travels to Rome and the chance to show to the world who he really was by creating the Pietá in the Vatican.

Architect, Painter, Poet, and Sculptor: the Total Artist

Michelangelo was a divine draftsman, a great poet, an excellent architect, and an incredible painter, but only ever considered himself to be a Sculptor. He created a model of the Artist versed in all fields that survives to this day.

The Last Years: Michelangelo’s Legacy

In self-exile from Florence, Michelangelo called Rome his home from 1534 till his death. He shaped the Eternal City in a way that still resonates today in most parts of the Ancient and Modern city, from the Vatican to Capitoline hill. Virtual Tours Series is only available as a Package of 4 Virtual Tours for a total of 60 euros. 


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