The Mausoleum of Augustus and the Fields of Mars - Virtual Guided Tour (Recorded)

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The Mausoleum of Augustus and the Fields of Mars 

When Octavian Augustus became emperor after the Battle of Actium in 31 BC he had already been using the Story of the Origins of Rome and its mythology to carve a space in it for himself and his family. Historians often say that the winner tells the history, but in this case, as, in fact, in many other cases, the man winner is the one with the best story, and this is certainly true for Octavian and the Myth of Rome. We’ll explore how Augustus turned the Fields of Mars and central Rome into an urbanistic celebration of himself and Julius Caesar legacy. The Ara Pacis, the Pantheon, the Horologium and many other urbanistic and architectonical features of the new Rome built for the Emperor blow the Gens Julia horn and celebrate them as the Family born from the sacred blood of the founders to rule Rome and make it the great ruler of the world. 


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