Antonio Canova or the Ideal Beauty in Marble - Virtual Guided Tour (Recorded)

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Antonio Canova or the Ideal Beauty in Marble

Virtual Guided Tour

Antonio Canova was considered the greats sculptor of his time and worked for Popes, Queens, and even for Napoleon and Thomas Jefferson, who commissioned him George Washington’s statue in which he is portrayed as an ancient Roman statesman. Canova embodied the ideal of classicism and the renewed interest in the roman empire art in the XIX century’s Europe, he is considered the greatest classicist sculptor, and his works are in the most important museums in the world: from St Peterburg’s Hermitage to the Louvre, from the Borghese Gallery to the Vatican Museums. We will discover his masterpieces and his legacy, from his origins in Possagno in the mainland of Venice to his works in Rome and the Vatican and his travels to France and England


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