The Vatican Museums Vol III: Masterpiece of the Antiquity The Collections of Ancient Sculptures on Demand

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The Vatican Museums Vol III Masterpiece of the Antiquity

The Collections of Ancient Sculptures, Artifacts and Art

Virtual Guided Tour On Demand

The Collections of Ancient art for the Bulk of the Vatican Collections, divided into several distinct ones contributed to fuel the ideas and models for the Renaissance and the Neoclassical styles. From Egyptian art, to Palmira, from Etruscan to Roman art we will also explore the various objects and artifacts including roman frescoes, pottery, Christian artifacts and many other hidden gems from antiquity.

The Vatican Museums: the complete series

In this series of virtual guided tours, we will explore in detail one of the most famous and complex collections in the world. The Vatican Museums which include more than 20 separate collections, spanning nearly ten thousand years: from 8 millennia BC vases from the middle east to XX century art, displayed in over 8 km of galleries (5 miles) and about 300 rooms.


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