Masterpieces of the Louvre Museum in Paris - Virtual Experience (Recorded)

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Masterpieces of the Louvre Museum in Paris- Virtual Experience 

The Louvre Museum is, for the quantity and quality of its contents, the first true Universal Museum of the world, in fact, it reflects the ambitions and the universalistic aspirations of the French Revolution as they were then propagated by the Napoleonic Empire.

Was, in fact, Napoleon, who wanted to collect all the best artworks and antefacts of human civilization, since the Ancient world, including the Middle Ages, the Renaissance till the XIX century art, often by looting the conquered territories in Europe and Africa, starting from Italy from where hundreds of masterpieces were shipped during the war. 

Originally built as the Castle of the King of France later turned into a Palace, today the Louvre is the largest continuous museum building in the world,  displaying about 60.000 objects out of  380000 total that the museums keep mostly in storage. Among them Egyptian, Greek and Roman Art, including the incredible Borghese Marbles - as well as masterpieces of Renaissance Art, one for all the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.  Gioconda di Leonardo. And Large baroque paintings up to the XIX century masterpieces by Gericault and David among others. The Virtual Tour of the Louvre it's a journey into the Universal Esthetic Genius of Mankind, a real experience of how in many different civilizations, ancient and modern, from Europe to Asia to the Middle East and Africa and the Americas, humanity has always searched for beauty and meaning. 


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