Saint Peter’s Basilica Private Guided Tour

From EUR €15.00
  • Duration: 2 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Rome, Vatican
  • Product code: RM0002b

Saint Peter’s Basilica private guided tour

More than a simple church the Basilica, originally built by Emperor Constantine over the tomb of the very first pope, the apostle Peter, was designed by the best Italian architects. Its construction took more than 150 years, and from a certain point of view is still a “work in progress”. The Pieta by Michelangelo, the Jubilee Gate, Bernini’s main altar, the staircase enlightened by eternal lamps leading to the tomb of Saint Peter designed by Carlo Maderno, the tombs of the Popes made by Bernini, Della Porta, Canova, Thorwaldsen, and many others, Michelangelo’s amazing dome and more masterpieces will overwhelm you. Ending up with a quick view of Castle San Angelo, and the secret wall connecting with the papal apartment will give you the complete picture of the headquarter of the Roman Catholic Church.

Entrance to the basilica of saint Peters is Free of Charge, groups are required to use headsets and to pay a headset fee, included in the quote. To enter the Basilica we need to pass the metal detector and security controls, with takes usually 20 to 25 minutes, anyway depending on the time of the day it may take longer. There is a premium service to “skip the line” that we usually provide to small groups for 30 euros per person.