Villa Lante and the "Sacro Bosco" of Bomarzo - Virtual Experience (Recorded)

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Villa Lante and the "Sacro Bosco" of Bomarzo

Treasures of Tuscia

Virtual Experience

There are many villages and towns that surround Viterbo that is well worth a visit. Our Virtual Experience will be starting with Bagnaia with the beautiful Villa Lante: a 16th-century villa that is noted for its fine gardens and fountains immersed in a hunting estate. build in the XVI century for the Cardinal of Viterbo, it then became the property of the Lante della Rovere hence its current name.

It features a maze, many large fountains adorned with statues and allegorical decorations, and renaissance esoteric symbolism created to amaze and surprise visitors. Nothing thou compared to the Sacro Bosco, the sacred wood, created by the nobleman and warrior Vicino Orsini, with an intricate path in the woods covering the valley right under the Palazzo Orsini in the town of Bomarzo. Known as the Park of Monsters, Parco dei Mostri, for its larger-than-natural statues carved in the volcanic bedrock and covered by lush green vegetation this somehow bizarre and unique creation remained abandoned for centuries to be only rediscovered in 1950 and now opened to the public.

Because of its uniqueness and references to ancient and renaissance mythology it had attracted many artists and travelers, including among others Salvador Dali, and several others. A journey into the Sacred Woods to be remembered! 


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