Rome Highlights: the Best Private Sightseeing Driving Tour

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  • Lokasyon: Rome, Italy
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That “Rome wasn’t build in a day” is also a popular way of saying and it’s actually impossible to visit all Rome in only one day! But you may still get an overview of the highlights, and see some of Rome’s greatest attractions.  

The “Rome in One Day Sightseeing Driving Guided Tour” starts from the archaeological heart of the eternal city: from the Amphiteatrum Flavium, better known as the Colosseum (or Coliseum), in which thousands of cruel fights between beasts and slaves took place, we will then admire the majesty of the triumphal Arch of the Emperor Constantine.

Nearby this arch, the Roman Forum is a journey into ancient roman history: from the early Seven Kings to the Late Empire every man who ruled Rome left a reminder of himself in Rome main public square. 

From the Rome of the Emperors to the Rome of the Popes we will take a walk in the heart of Baroque Rome: from Trevi fountain, the monumental celebration of the Virgin Aqueduct, crossing the Galleria Colonna recently restored and opened to the public. 

Prepare to be captivated as our journey continues through the enchanting streets of Rome. Our next stop is Piazza Colonna, named after the majestic Column erected in honor of the revered Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Here, history comes alive amidst the grandeur of ancient monuments.

Continue the adventure to Piazza Montecitorio, where the venerable 17th-century tribunal now serves as the distinguished seat of the Italian Parliament. Immerse yourself in the timeless charm of Piazza Sant’Ignazio, adorned with rococo splendor and the breathtaking Jesuit renaissance church, featuring the mesmerizing illusionist dome crafted by Andrea Pozzo.

Step into the hallowed halls of the Pantheon, where the colossal Ancient Roman dome looms overhead, guarding the final resting place of the illustrious Italian artist, Raphael. Delve into the artistic treasures of the church of St. Louis of France, adorned with masterpieces by the legendary Caravaggio. Marvel at the visionary architecture of Saint Ivo alla Sapienza, boasting the eclectic dome envisioned by the ingenious Borromini.

As our morning adventure comes to an end, soak in the timeless allure of Piazza Navona, where the renowned Fountain of the Four Rivers awaits. Crafted by the skilled hands of Bernini for Pope Innocent X Pamphilj, this masterpiece is a testament to Rome's enduring artistic legacy.

Our journey continues with a scenic drive up the Janiculum Hill, offering panoramic views of the majestic city below. Marvel at the breathtaking vistas before we pass by the iconic St. Peter's Square, a symbol of Vatican City's spiritual and historical significance.