The Undergrounds of Ancient Rome Private Guided Tour

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  • Duration: 7 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Rome
  • Product code: RM0008

A full-day private walking tour discovering the

unique undergrounds of Ancient Rome

Uncover the Hidden Layers of Rome: An Archaeological Journey through Time

Step into the past with our "Hidden Layers of Rome" tour, a deep dive into the city's rich archaeological heritage. Begin your adventure at the Crypta Balbi, a modern museum uniquely chronicling the evolution of Roman society from antiquity through the 20th century. Wander through three floors of exhibits that illustrate the shift from ancient Roman times to the Middle Ages and Renaissance, showcasing the social habits and economic activities of each period.

Your exploration continues to the sacred grounds beneath the bustling city. Marvel at the remains of four ancient Roman Republican temples dedicated to lesser-known deities at Largo Argentina. Discover the historic Teatro di Pompeo, the site of Julius Caesar's assassination, its ancient contours still visible amidst modern structures.

Delve further into the past at the Church of San Nicola in Carcere (St. Nicholas in Prison), where you'll see the preserved columns and podium of a Republican temple, repurposed as the foundation for this unique church. Venture below to explore the underground chambers where historical human remains were discovered.

Conclude your journey atop the Capitoline Hill at the Tabularium, designed by the Roman architect Lucius Cornelius in 78 B.C. Originally built as a state archive, it now offers a breathtaking view over the Roman Forum, providing a perfect panorama to reflect on the layers of history you've traversed.