Tutto Bernini: the Baroque Genius - Virtual Masterclass (Recorded)

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TUTTO Bernini: The Baroque Genius

Masterclass: Four Virtual Guided Tours

Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Gian Lorenzo Bernini, son of Florentine sculptor Pietro Bernini, began his illustrious career in his teenage years, quickly gaining the favor of Pope Paul V Borghese and a succession of popes thereafter. In this masterclass, we embark on a comprehensive journey through Bernini's life and works. Not only do we examine his monumental contributions as a sculptor and architect, but we also shed light on his roles as a scenographer and a painter. Our exploration reveals the complex layers of Bernini's personality, including his intense and sometimes tumultuous emotions, alongside the sensuality that permeates many of his famed works. Bernini's mastery in transforming marble into seemingly pliable forms has left a lasting impression on artists for centuries, demonstrating the unparalleled potential of marble as a medium.

Vol I Early Life and Rise to Fame (March 10th at 9 PM Rome Time) 

Our first virtual tour delves into the formative years of Bernini's life, from his apprenticeship under his father, Pietro, to the early commissions that would mark the beginning of a remarkable career. We explore the rich tapestry of Baroque art, tracing its origins to early 17th-century Rome and setting the stage for Bernini's rise to fame.

Vol II Sculptural Masterpieces (March 17th at 9 PM Rome Time) 
This tour shines a spotlight on Bernini's groundbreaking contributions to sculpture. We offer an in-depth look at his iconic works, including "Apollo and Daphne," "David," and "The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa," examining the intricate techniques, narratives, and emotional depth that define these masterpieces. Through these sculptures, we explore the impact of Bernini's work on the evolution of Baroque art.

Vol III Architectural Achievements  (April 7th at 9 PM Rome Time) 
Bernini's genius was not confined to sculpture alone; his architectural endeavors have also left an indelible mark on Rome's landscape. This tour covers his significant architectural contributions, from the majestic design of St. Peter's Square to the intimate space of Sant'Andrea al Quirinale. We pay special attention to Bernini's rivalry with Francesco Borromini, highlighting how their competition fuelled a creative explosion that defined Rome's architectural scene.

Vol IV Bernini's Legacy: Patronage and Influence (April 14th at 9 PM Rome Time) 
Our final tour reflects on Bernini’s patronage and influence, and the lasting impact of Bernini's work on the fields of art and architecture. We celebrate his creativity and innovations, which continue to inspire and captivate audiences around the world.


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