Paestum the city of Poseidon - Virtual Guided Tour (Recorded)

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Virtual guided Tour

When Wolfgang von Goethe, the great German poet, arrived in Paestum, at the end of the XVIII century, must have not appeared too different than today, and the emotions that the ruins evoke in today's travelers are still of marvel and sublime beauty. The Ancient Greek City of Poseidonia, later renamed Paestum or Pesto by the Romans, was a sort of El Dorado to the Grand Tour Travelers. Paestum it is now a Unesco World Heritage site, offers one of the most evocative experiences of antiquity, in this virtual tour we will discover its history and its ruins, but also the rare famous painted tombs, with scenes of feasts and even sex, which are quite unusual in the Greek culture as tombs were not usually painted, and the well-preserved temples of the ancient city. An unmissable journey into the Mediterranean Greek culture of Southern Italy.


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