Palazzo Farnese and the Loves of the Gods - Virtual Guided Tour on Demand (Recording)

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Palazzo Farnese and the Loves of the Gods

Virtual Guided Tour on Demand (Recording)

Palazzo Farnese is undoubtedly the most beautiful and majestic of all the Roman Renaissance mansions. It was started by the Florentine architect Antonio da Sangallo at the beginning of the ‘500 and later completed by Michelangelo Buonarroti, who designed the attic floor and the courtyard. The Palace was the residence of the Farnese family, the descendants of the powerful Pope Paul III, Alessandro Farnese, who had four children and was able to establish a wealthy family line that dominated Italy’s political scene for over two centuries. The Palace, now the seat of the Ambassade de France in Italy, has magnificent fresco decorations which span from the XVI to the XVIII centuries, and once hosted a large collection of ancient roman Marbles now mostly on display in the Archeological Museums of Naples.  But the real gem of the palace is the frescoed Gallery painted for the Cardinal Odoardo Farnese by the Caracci brothers, which is considered the first Baroque masterpiece in Rome, and opened the way to an entirely new way of fresco decoration and painting.  


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