The Quirinale Palace in Rome - Virtual Experience (Recorded)

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The Quirinale Palace in Rome - Virtual Experience 

The Palazzo del Quirinale is today the official residence of the President of the Italian Republic, and since the Pope's acquired the Palazzo in the XVI century this large urban Palace has been the seat of the apical political figure of the nation: Residence of the Popes until 1870, even four conclaves were made here for the election of the Popes, then the seat of the King of Italy and today the Presidential Palace, so more than four hundred years of political power is reflected in this magnificent building. 

The name Quirinale derives from the Roman god Quirinus and this is one of the famous seven hills. The Cardinal D'Este had bought a "vigna", literally a vineyard but more like an orchard with gardens, from the Carafa Family and the palace was later bought by the Popes: they created a massive set of buildings and a large walled garden: architects like Mascarino, Maderno, Bernini worked here in the XVII century making it possibly the most beautiful roman mansion.

Today the furnishing and the decoration of the Palace reflect its history, from the Napoleonic and the Savoy additions, and a scrupulous restoration work brought it back to its former splendor. Thanks to the Virtual Tour we will be able to navigate room by room and unlock the fascinating history and glorious art of the Palazzo del Quirinale.


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