TUTTO RAFFAELLO -The Complete Works of Raphael Sanzio from Urbino - MASTERCLASS (Recorded)

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TUTTO RAFFAELLO  -The Complete Works of  Raphael Sanzio from Urbino - MASTERCLASS

5 Volumes 

Join Mario Bernardi in this captivating masterclass that delves into the life and art of Raphael, a mastermind of the Renaissance. Raphael's brief yet impactful career transformed the art world, leaving a legacy that transcends time. In "TUTTO RAFFAELLO", Mario takes you on a comprehensive journey through Raphael's evolution from a young artist in Urbino to a leading figure in the Vatican. Explore his groundbreaking works, including the ethereal 'Transfiguration', and discover how he redefined beauty and creativity. This masterclass is not just about Raphael's artistry, but also about his influence on future generations, making it an enlightening experience for all art enthusiasts.

Vol I: Raphael of Urbino: From Early Beginnings to Works in Umbria

Discover Raphael's early years in Urbino and his collaborations with masters like Perugino and Pinturicchio. This volume highlights his journey from a young talent to a sought-after artist in Umbria.

Vol II: Florence, the School of the World: Leonardo vs. Michelangelo

Raphael's transformative years in Florence, amidst greats like Leonardo and Michelangelo. This volume explores his artistic growth and rivalry in the Florentine art scene.

Vol III: From Florence to Rome: The Rise of a Master

Raphael's Roman period is a testament to his mastery in various artistic disciplines. This volume covers his significant Vatican works and his lesser-known architectural endeavours.

Vol IV: The Years of Roman Triumph

Delve into Raphael's prolific Roman period, where he worked for Popes and nobility. This volume uncovers his versatility and the breadth of his artistic contributions.

Vol V: The Final Years and Legacy of Raphael

Reflect on Raphael's final years and enduring legacy. Explore his last works and his lasting influence on art and artists across centuries.


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